About Scandinavian design

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Finnish design is always material – it’s something that is pleasant to touch and feel its warmth or coolness by your fingertips. The genius Tapio Wirkkala said many times: “Material itself determines the direction of creative process and calls a designer for work”.

In 1871 the first school for craft workers was opened in Finland and in 1874 the Finnish society of crafts and design was founded. “Kalevala” epos and medieval heritage of their country were base of new trend “karelianism” which has appeared in Finland. After the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris people of the world recognized the phenomenon of Finnish design. During this famous world’s fair Finland was for the first time presented by its own pavilion, the tender for constructing of which was won by young architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. The design of the pavilion was elaborated as a combination of medieval Finnish traditions and the newest architectural trends. In 1911 “Ornamo” special association of ornamental arts was founded. Unusual ornaments and shapes have always been the driving force for Finnish designers. At the turn of 1930-s there happened a real breakthrough in Finnish design. It was connected with the name of famous architect and designer “father of modernism” Alvar Aalto. Finland made a sensation on exhibitions in Stockholm, Milan and New-York with the new concept of functional design. Alvar Aalto invented the original lake-like form which was reminding the lake and was base for “Iitala” glassware. In the first post-war years Ilmari Tapiovarra presented “Domus” chair which conquered the whole world. In 1960s-1970s separate design-studios or design groups were formed for different productions. Finnish designers started to use trendy festive colors and polymers during this period.

Sandudd carries on the traditions of Finnish design cooperating with recognized leaders of Finnish design school such as Stefan Lindfors and Jukka Rintala and also with new design groups in Finland. Always keeping in mind the basics of Finnish design we create our collections in different styles – ranging from classic and retro to country style or flashing postmodernism. All Sandudd wallpapers keep to the common traits that guide design progress in Suomi Land - freshness of ideas, eco-friendly materials and high usability.